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Tasty Turkey Picadillo Tostadas

Picadillo is a simple and tasty dish that has been in my family’s recipe book for a few generations. When my niece called from Boston and me asked how to make it, I decided to jot down the recipe for the first time. It is reminiscent of time spent at home when my mom did most of the cooking and I was her sous chef.  Read More…

{COMADRES CORNER} Interview with Jennifer Velasquez, Founder of The Salvaged Sawhorse

For the month of May, I interviewed Jennifer Velasquez, founder and illustrator behind The Salvaged Sawhorse, an online shop dedicated to self-care products for the heart and home. Jennifer is on a mission to “create pieces that nudge you to check-in with your heart, remind you to feed your soul, and reconnect you with your power.” Her product line includes hand-painted affirmation cards, self-care activities, planners, and home decor. I hope you find this interview as inspiring as I did!

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Agua Fresca de Avena – Homemade Oat Milk with Dates, Vanilla, and Cinnamon

While oat milk is beginning to pick up steam in the American market, its counterpart, agua de avena has been enjoyed in Mexico for generations. There are many variations of this recipe, but I wanted to keep it dairy-free and free of processed sugars (although I’ve tasted it with evaporated and condensed milk and it’s delicious!). Here’s my version – it’s simple, tasty, and only took me about four tries to perfect.

Hope you enjoy it as I do!

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Meal Prepping for Kids: Valentina’s Cinnamon Apple Sauce and Avena

A few weeks ago I posted a short video on my Instagram stories to share how I meal prep for Valentina before the start of each week. To my surprise, I received quite a few questions and comments and figured it would be helpful to share the recipes here for anyone who needs a little inspiration when it comes to kid-friendly foods. The timing couldn’t be more perfect now that most of us are at home with our little ones. 



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{COMADRES CORNER} Interview with Vanessa Nielsen, Founder of Sol Book Box

To kick off National Reading Month, I interviewed Vanessa Nielsen, founder of Sol Book Box, a children’s book subscription service en español that Amado and I absolutely love. I began following Vanessa’s trajectory and subscribing to her books about three years ago. Each month, we look forward to a beautifully wrapped hardcover book that never disappoints. 



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