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Lola’s Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Need a Single Toy


¡Hola! I’m back this week with another holiday gift guide, but this one is for all of the little ones in your life. Like most kids, mine don’t need a single toy, so I created a list of some of my favorite finds – some of which were given to my children and others I discovered myself. I hope you find something you love in my holiday gift guide for kids who don’t need a single toy.  

Happy holidays,


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Lola’s Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Ideas for Comadres Who Love Comida, Cultura, and Self-Care

¡HOLA! This year I’ve created my first-ever holiday gift guide. My sisters like to say I’m somewhat hard to shop for, so I created a guide with some of my absolute favorite purchases – most of which were gifts to myself. I love gifting these items to my amigas, hermanas, and comadres. Hope this guide inspires you to buy a little something for yourself, or a loved one…or both. And stay tuned, because I have a kid’s guide coming up next. 

Happy shopping,

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Lola’s World-Famous Pumpkin Cheese Flan Recipe

Yes, you heard correctly. Pumpkin. Cheese. Flan. One of my fall bucket list items was to perfect a new dessert this season and by golly, I’ve done it. When I began experimenting with this recipe, I knew it could go terribly wrong, or oh-so right and luckily I knocked it out of the park the first time around. Add it to your Thanksgiving menu and it’s sure to be a hit.

¡De nada!

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{COMADRES CORNER} Interview with Nicole Reyna, Founder of Voladores Vanilla and Flan and Apple Pie

This month I interviewed Nicole Reyna, recipe developer behind Flan and Apple Pie and founder of Voladores Vanilla, an online shop, “Preserving a Mexican Tradition: Vanilla from Veracruz.” Nicole and I have been Insta-amigas for years, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that we made it official (met IRL) and actually met in Mexico City and let me tell you, she’s as sweet in person as all of the delicious treats she shares on her blog. I truly hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as I did conducting it!

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Sugar Skulls and Spirits: Decoding the Symbolism of Altar Items

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed about how I celebrate Day of the Dead and today I’m sharing the interview with you in the hopes that you learn something new and become inspired to honor someone you’ve lost in your own special way.

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