Lola’s Cocina

The inspiration for Lola’s Cocina came about over ten years ago when I realized that treasured family recipes, some dating back many generations, must not only be experienced through our taste buds, but also preserved in writing. This is when I began to jot down recipes that I learned from family and friends, created myself, or stumbled upon serendipitously.

Upon completion of my graduate studies, I have dedicated much of my time to cooking, testing, and
organizing these recipes to share with you and future generations.

Lola’s Cocina includes links to:

  • Recipes:  Compilation of nearly 100 of my favorite recipes (and the list continues to grow) with a Recipe of the Week highlighted on the Homepage
  • Cooking in Mexico:  Insights into the amazing cooking schools where I conducted my thesis research and learned new dishes
  • Comadres Corner:  Forum for food enthusiasts to share recipes, suggestions, kitchen tips, or address specific recipe-related questions or cooking concerns
  • Tres del Mes:  Monthly roundup of three quick tips, suggestions, recipes, or other ideas related to Mexican food culture

Feel free to browse the site and test some new recipes!

– Lola

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