Lola’s Bilingual Book Club: The 12 Books I Read in 2020

By the end of each year my goal is to read (aka listen to) a minimum of one book per month and the majority of my 12 picks tend to include books by Latina and female authors. I am always on the hunt for good reads in Spanish, too. To close out 2020 I’m sharing this year’s reading list and am excited to get started on my new books in 2021. If you’d like to follow what I’m reading each month, be sure to sign up for my ¡Hola de Lola! newsletter

Wishing you all a relaxing New Year’s Eve and healthy 2021!


Lola’s Bilingual Reading List: 12 Books to Close Out 2020

My reading list is in reverse chronological order based on when I read them and includes a few fun quotes that stood out to me. I’ve highlighted my favorite five books of 2020 in bold purple font.

1. Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende – “Memory is fiction. We select the brightest and the darkest, ignoring what we are ashamed of, and so embroider the broad tapestry of our lives.”

2. The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis – “Anger is a potent spice. A pinch wakes you up. Too much dulls your senses.”

3. Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia – “Noemi’s father said she cared too much about her looks and parties to take school seriously, as if a woman could not do two things at once.”

4. Sabrina & Corina by Kali Fajardo-Anstine – “Sometime’s a person’s unhappiness can make them forget they are a part of something bigger, something like a family, a people, even a tribe.”

5. How to be an Antiracist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi – “Denial is the heartbeat of racism.” 

6. The Food Explorer by Daniel Stone – “One of the humbling parts of being an American is the regular reminder that no matter how swollen America’s pride or power, nothing has been American for very long.”

7. Each Tiny Spark by Pedro Cartaya

8. Largo pétalo del mar by Isabel Allende – “Los chismes tienen alas.”

9. Cazando a El Chapo: La historia contada desde adentro por el agente de la ley estadounidense que capturó al narcotraficante más buscado del mundo by Andrew Hogan

10. The Beautiful No and Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence, and Transformation by Sheri Salata

11. The Murmur of Bees by Sofia Segovia – “Life waits for no one and death takes us all.” // “Houses die when they’re not fed with their owner’s energy.”

12. The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande

What’s the best book you read in 2020? What are you excited to read in 2021? Also, if you have any favorite audio books that are available in Spanish send them my way!

Lola Wiarco Dweck

Lola is a Mexican-American recipe developer, writer, and cooking instructor who loves sharing her culture with the world. Growing up in California and spending summers in Mexico, Lola celebrates her family’s Mexican recipes and vibrant culture through Lola’s Cocina.

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