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One Week in Mexico City: Cooking, Baking, Fiestas, Day Trips, and Family Time

Every time I travel to Mexico, my plan is to take notes and photos throughout the day and write a blog post on what I did while everything is fresh in my head. This never happens, because I tend to get too caught up in the moment. Read More…

{COMADRES CORNER} Interview with Ariadna Vásquez, Co-Founder of Oaxaca’s Central de Diseño and Almacén Mexicano

Ariadna Vásquez is as unique as her name and it is only fitting that she is from one of Mexico’s cultural jewels, as she is a gem herself. I had the pleasure of meeting Ari in 2012 while conducting my graduate research in Oaxaca. As fate would have it, our paths crossed and we connected immediately. We both love Mexican culture and food and enjoy chatting about all of our crazy business ideas. Read More…

The Three Kings and the Gift of Presence


Today’s guest blog post is written by Vanessa Wiarco, by my sister who has traveled extensively throughout Israel and spent last Christmas at the birth site of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. She is an avid student of history and dreams of spending a year in the Holy Land studying theology.

El Día de los Reyes commemorates an event that took place well over 2,000 years ago when the Three Kings from the east traveled a great distance to visit a newborn child born in Bethlehem. Guided by a bright and shining star, the kings arrived bearing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. More important than the gifts that were bestowed upon the child, the Three Kings offered the gift of their presence and thereby an acknowledgment that they were paying homage to baby Jesus.

Today, we too have the opportunity to share presents with others during special holidays and commemorative events. But the greatest gift that can be shared today and every day is the gift of presence. It is a gift that is not to be found in a shopping mall, entertainment park, or on technological gizmos and gadgets. It’s a gift that has no price tag and can be shared with others through a kind thought, word, or action. Three Kings’ Day is not just a celebrated story of the past. It depicts a way of life that we can choose to live today and every day if we embrace the spirit of what it represents through our conscious presence with others.

Photo: Rick West

Lola’s Cocina Holiday Cooking Demo Highlights


This past holiday season I had the opportunity to host a cooking demonstration at the home of one of my very best friends, Corinne Tapia. Invited guests included friends and family members, all of whom appreciate a good home-cooked Mexican meal. The theme of the cooking demo was titled, “A Perfect Menu for Busy Working Women & Moms On-the-Go.” Did I mention that all 25 guests were women? Read More…

Lola’s Cocina is turning one!


November 1st marks the one-year anniversary of Lola’s Cocina and the commencement of the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos. Join the online fiesta on both Instagram and Facebook as we commemorate these very special events — it’s going to be like a virtual piñata with fun contests and prizes.

Giveaway Rules:

  • Follow @lolascocina on Instagram or Facebook/lolascocina
  • U.S. entries only
  • You must be 18 and older to participate
  • Winners will be notified via Facebook or Instagram and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is selected