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Hibiscus Mango Popsicles | Paletas de Jamaica y Mango

hibiscus mango popsicles

I’m sure that you’re familiar with old saying “opposites attract.” Well, this week I experimented in the kitchen with an unlikely pair of ingredients and they turned out to be a heavenly match!

This popsicle recipe calls for the union of tart hibiscus and sweet mangos. Originally, I intended to make a sorbet using these two ingredients, but because I didn’t allow enough time for the mixture to cool, it failed to set in my ice cream maker. On the bright side, I converted the concoction into a mouthwatering paleta (and perfected the sorbet recipe shortly after)!

Upon taking my first bite of these frozen treats, I realized that they were quite possibly one of the most delicious mistakes I had ever made in the kitchen. The tanginess from the hibiscus made my lips pucker, and then the sweetness from the mango kicked in and I was left with a wonderful combination of opposing flavors that were simply meant to be. Read More…