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Cocina Therapy: 10 Virtual Cooking Classes to Try at Home

Some people believe that food nourishes the soul, and while I agree, I believe that cooking can nourish the spirit and serves as a form of self-care, especially now that our social interactions are limited. Taking command of your kitchen can be therapeutic if given the time and patience that the art requires. Admittedly, I was never a huge fan of baking or taking virtual cooking classes, but 2020 allowed me to appreciate the virtue in both activities and so much more. Over the past year, I taught over 10 virtual classes – testing and stretching my own limits –  and took at least 20 classes with instructors near and far. Teaching and taking classes has served as a distraction from the everyday stresses of life and is essentially my new favorite form of self-care. I hope you enjoy this guide to virtual cooking classes and that it inspires you to master a new recipe or skill this year.

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A Feast for the Souls at Denver Botanic Gardens

The scents, tastes, and sounds of Lola’s Cocina were in full bloom at my Feast for the Souls cooking class held at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The spirits were summoned with a Día de los Muertos themed menu as well as an altar honoring the dead. The whole affair was to die for, to say the least!
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Mexican Cooking Classes with Lola’s Cocina

Day of the Dead Cooking Class

This fall, embark upon a culinary journey with Lola’s Cocina — no passports necessary! Beginning Sunday, November 1st, Lola will host an inaugural Day of the Dead Cooking class that is sure to bring your taste buds to life. Experience a taste of Mexico without leaving the country!

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WHAT: Join us for a festive and interactive Day of the Dead Cooking Class! In this 3-hour hands-on class with Mexican-American food blogger, Dolores “Lola” Dweck, students will prepare some tasty Día de los Muertos recipes, including a rich and flavorful mole sauce, all while learning about age-old Mexican traditions.

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a celebratory day of remembrance observed by people in Mexico, and throughout Latin America and it is increasingly gaining popularity throughout the United States. People mark the occasion by creating altars that display ofrendas (offerings) including portraits, favorite foods and special mementos of their deceased loved ones. Outside of the home, families visit graves, enjoy food and music, and decorate headstones with flowers and candles.

WHEN: Sunday, Nov. 1, 2015, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

WHERE: Lola’s Cocina, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

PRICE: Cost is $75 per person; includes a hands-on cooking class in Lola’s personal kitchen, a take-home recipe booklet and a certificate of completion. Class menu will feature: a mescal or tequila tasting, a homemade agua fresca (Mexican fruit drink), an appetizer and side dish, a main entrée and a dessert.


WHO: Dolores “Lola” Dweck, founder of Lola’s Cocina, draws inspiration from her family’s Mexican-American cooking traditions and provides a rich collection of easy-to-follow recipes on her blog. Lola’s appreciation for Mexican gastronomy and world travel has taken her across the globe in search of interesting cooking techniques, food, and recipes. Most recently, Lola was featured in Kroger’s fall issue of MyMagazine where she discusses her research on culinary tourism, food trends, and the significance of Day of the Dead. She has also been a guest speaker for the Taste Trekkers Find Dining Podcast and published Culinary Tourism in Mexico: Small Business Perspectives and Regional Insights of Culinary Tourism in Mexico: Cooking Schools in Oaxaca, following her extensive research in Oaxaca. Lola’s Cocina features more than 100 mouthwatering Mexican recipes, vibrant food and travel photography, as well as travel guides for anyone who loves comida! Lola is a Southern California native and currently resides in Highlands Ranch, CO with her husband, Michael, and their son, Amado.