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Homemade Apple Bread | Pan Casero de Manzana

apple bread slice vertical

Road trips are wonderful adventures that oftentimes introduce pleasant surprises along the way! This summer I had the pleasure of hosting one of my very best friends, Ana (Doña Ana from 3 Ways to Spice Up a Mexican-Themed Wedding or Fiesta), and her mother in my new home. Yes, they made the trek all the way from California to Colorado just to spend time with little ol’ me. Along with their unique roadside buys, they brought with them some of their very best recipes.

I am so excited to share one of Señora Zambrano’s sweetest recipes, which she has lovingly prepared for her family for over 25 years. I added my own twist to her pan de manzana by topping it with sliced apples and honey to commemorate the Jewish New Year — it begins tonight at sundown. You see, it is customary in the Jewish tradition to dip sliced apples into honey and eat them as an expression of hope for a sweet new year. L’ Shanah Tovah, may you all have a sweet new year! Read More…