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There’s a New Spirit in Town: Tequila Cazadores Añejo Cristalino

Today I’m excited to announce that the Cazadores familia is introducing a fifth variety to its line of award-winning tequilas. Tequila Cazadores Añejo Cristalino is a super smooth, clear añejo that maintains notes of aged wood, nuts, apples, and many other spices and flavors.

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Lemon Drop Margarita Recipe + 10 Fun Facts About Margaritas to Celebrate National Margarita Day

On February 22 we raise our glasses in celebration of National Margarita Day. When I think of tequila these days, I’m reminded of all the delicious margaritas I’ve tasted throughout the years. In crafting this cocktail recipe I was transported to the two places that inspire me most: my home state of California where citrus fruit grows in abundance this time of year, and Mexico, home of the lively spirit known as tequila. A perfect blend of two ingredients from each respective place and voila, I present to you my mouth-puckering Lemon Drop Margarita. As an added bonus, I’m also sharing 10 fun facts about margaritas to kick off the festivities.

¡Espero que les guste y salud!

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