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Food for Thought: Composting in the Cocina

Compost Stew

Did you know that roughly 25% of garbage in the U.S. is made up of yard trimmings and food scraps? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, that’s over 60 million tons of unnecessary waste, most of which can be turned into a rich soil amendment for your garden or home landscape.

I am calling on all of you environmental chefs and cooks to join me and turn your trash into treasure — for your garden, that is. Even if you’re not into gardening, the compost that’s created from kitchen scraps can be used to enrich the soil near trees, shrubs, or bushes around your home.

By recycling the food scraps that end up in landfills, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint while creating your very own Garden of Eden. Sounds cheesy but catch get my drift! Read More…