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Orange Blossom Mezcal Sour Cocktail

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Last year I (finally!) learned to bake the most delectable pan de muerto to celebrate Day of the Dead. What we created with Mexican master baker Eliceo Lara wasn’t any old pan de muerto, this one was infused with orange blossom water and orange zest, highlighting subtle citrus and floral flavors. Inspired by ingredients in this traditional bread recipe, I’ve created a cocktail to celebrate my favorite holiday. Read More…

Papel Picado: 5 Fun Facts and Its Significance on Day of the Dead

Last Day of the Dead, I collaborated with my friend Marisa Morrison, founder of The Neon Tea Party, for her papel picado crafting workshop. She asked if I could lead the educational segment on this beautiful and intricate art form and provide an explanation of how it relates to Día de los Muertos. Following my research, I organized five fun facts and beautiful images of papel picado handcrafted by Yreina Flores, founder of Ay Mujer!, which I thought you might enjoy. Read More…

Day of the Dead: A Celebration of Life!

Altar Décor and Ofrendas (Offerings) The most basic elements of an altar include photos, flowers, and candles. Altars can be simple or very elaborate.
Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican cultural tradition that I developed a deeper appreciation for as I learned more about the celebration’s meaning and significance. It is a tradition that bridges the past with the present, mocks death in a fun and festive way, and celebrates life. On this day, altars are erected and decked out to resurrect the memories of those who have passed away.

Every year, my altar only grows and grows as I honor my own loved ones who have passed: my father Jose Luis Luna Wiarco, my grandmother, my great grandparents, and my baby cousin Olivia. Now my son even helps decorate and I can only hope that he grows to appreciate this tradition as much as I do. On Day of the Dead, we acknowledge the spirits that are with us and allow them to fill our homes with the memories of the lives that they left behind. Read More…