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Agua Fresca de Horchata with Cantaloupe Seeds


This week I returned from a month-long trip to Oaxaca where I did my fair share of shopping and eating. Amado attended a local preschool because I wanted him to be immersed in Spanish and he thrived. We spent our afternoons exploring restaurants and food stands, mercados, and sometimes even new pueblos. Our Friday afternoons consisted of tasting new fruits, nieves, and aguas frescas at the Friday tianguis (open-air market) at El Llano Park. As with all of my trips to Mexico, I came home inspired with new ideas and recipes. Read More…

Guava Agua Fresca | Agua Fresca de Guayaba


Guavas are oftentimes recognized by their characteristic scent that can admittedly be overwhelming for some. On a recent visit to my mother’s home in Chino, California I noticed that she had guavas that were all but falling from her tree. They were calling my name, so I decided to prepare a delicious agua fresca. Water helps dilute the guava’s intense flavor and you are left with a fresh and healthy drink. These tropical fruits are great for your skin and contain five times the vitamin C found in oranges!   Read More…