Lola’s Bilingual Book Club: The 12 Books I Read in 2020

By the end of each year my goal is to read (aka listen to) a minimum of one book per month and the majority of my 12 picks tend to include books by Latina and female authors. I am always on the hunt for good reads in Spanish, too. To close out 2020 I’m sharing this year’s reading list and am excited to get started on my new books in 2021. If you’d like to follow what I’m reading each month, be sure to sign up for my ¡Hola de Lola! newsletter

Wishing you all a relaxing New Year’s Eve and healthy 2021!

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Slow Cooker Frijoles Charros

I recently shared a recipe for my frijoles de la olla made in a slow cooker and was pleasantly surprised by how many people followed up letting me know that they made and loved them. This led me to believe that the 2021 Mexican food trends, which Cacique® uncovers by partnering with leading voices in the industry to predict What’s Next in Mexican Cuisine, are already in full effect and American kitchens have begun gravitating toward nostalgic homemade favorites, one-pot dishes, and the use of dry beans. Once again, I’ve partnered with Cacique® to share an easy recipe that embraces several of these trends to create a flavorful dish that requires minimal effort and is prepared in a slow cooker so that you can set it and forget it . . . until the aroma of freshly made beans envelopes the air. Read More…

Lola’s 2020 Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Need a Single Toy

¡Hola! I’m back with another gift guide for you, and just like last year, I’ve curated my list for the chiquitos who who don’t need a single toy! Yes, I’m the mean tía who doesn’t like giving toys, unlike my sister who’s always the fan fave because she gives out life-sized doll houses and dinosaurs kingdoms. Spoiler alert: more than half of the items on this year’s gift list for kids include books that Amado, Valentina, and I have loved and read over and over again. The rest are other fun and functional items that I think you and your little ones will enjoy.

Happy shopping,


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Lola’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Ideas for Comadres Who Love Comida, Cultura, and Self-Care

With Hanukkah beginning this week and Christmas just around the corner, I’ve created my second annual gift guide: 15 Ideas for Comadres Who Love Comida, Cultura, and Self-Care. It includes some of my absolute favorite gifts – items I either purchased for myself, received from a friend, or have gifted to my amigas, hermanas, and comadres. This year’s guide has goodies from as low as $4 to no more than $50 and covers that vegan friend you never know what to get, mom who needs a break, self-care diosas, and all of the fellow food lovers in your life. 

Happy shopping, 

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Game On: Carne, Queso, and Cacique

Many of us have spent a record amount of time in the kitchen this year and while I enjoy preparing most of my meals from scratch, there are certainly days when I need a little break. I’ve partnered with Cacique® once again to share an easy at-home recipe with time-saving tips and ingredients – perfect for family game night. Read More…