Lemon Drop Margarita Recipe + 10 Fun Facts About Margaritas to Celebrate National Margarita Day

On February 22 we raise our glasses in celebration of National Margarita Day. When I think of tequila these days, I’m reminded of all the delicious margaritas I’ve tasted throughout the years. In crafting this cocktail recipe I was transported to the two places that inspire me most: my home state of California where citrus fruit grows in abundance this time of year, and Mexico, home of the lively spirit known as tequila. A perfect blend of two ingredients from each respective place and voila, I present to you my mouth-puckering Lemon Drop Margarita. As an added bonus, I’m also sharing 10 fun facts about margaritas to kick off the festivities.

¡Espero que les guste y salud!

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Lola’s Cocina is Featured in Parents AND Parents Latina

¡Hola! I’m back with some happy noticias. This month I was featured in both Parents AND Parent’s Latina! Here’s the crazy thing: in a weird way, I believe I manifested all of this in my 2019 vision board. Cheers to a new year and to making our intentions a reality. I hope you’re ready to conquer 2020 with perfect vision. 


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Lola’s Dining Room Makeover: Adding Color to My Comedor

Hola and Happy New Year! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve made time to sit at my computer and write, mainly because I’m currently in the final stages of a kitchen remodel and am in the midst of decluttering and trying to organizing my entire home and life, but today I wanted to share a little something different for those of you who are into home improvement projects.

¡Espero que les guste!

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Lola’s Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for Kids Who Don’t Need a Single Toy


¡Hola! I’m back this week with another holiday gift guide, but this one is for all of the little ones in your life. Like most kids, mine don’t need a single toy, so I created a list of some of my favorite finds – some of which were given to my children and others I discovered myself. I hope you find something you love in my holiday gift guide for kids who don’t need a single toy.  

Happy holidays,


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Lola’s Holiday Gift Guide: 15 Ideas for Comadres Who Love Comida, Cultura, and Self-Care

¡HOLA! This year I’ve created my first-ever holiday gift guide. My sisters like to say I’m somewhat hard to shop for, so I created a guide with some of my absolute favorite purchases – most of which were gifts to myself. I love gifting these items to my amigas, hermanas, and comadres. Hope this guide inspires you to buy a little something for yourself, or a loved one…or both. And stay tuned, because I have a kid’s guide coming up next. 

Happy shopping,

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