A Love Affair with Cacao: Lola’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Shop Guide

Is it just me, or is there amor in the air? In preparation for El Día del Amor y la Amistad, I’m sharing a Valentine’s Day gift guide of sorts that includes seven chocolate shops you should know about, all owned by women and/or Latinx chocolatiers, along with a few of my favorite confections from each shop.

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Cocina Therapy: 10 Virtual Cooking Classes to Try at Home

Some people believe that food nourishes the soul, and while I agree, I believe that cooking can nourish the spirit and serves as a form of self-care, especially now that our social interactions are limited. Taking command of your kitchen can be therapeutic if given the time and patience that the art requires. Admittedly, I was never a huge fan of baking or taking virtual cooking classes, but 2020 allowed me to appreciate the virtue in both activities and so much more. Over the past year, I taught over 10 virtual classes – testing and stretching my own limits –  and took at least 20 classes with instructors near and far. Teaching and taking classes has served as a distraction from the everyday stresses of life and is essentially my new favorite form of self-care. I hope you enjoy this guide to virtual cooking classes and that it inspires you to master a new recipe or skill this year.

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Rise and Shine: 25 Nutritious Ingredients to Boost Your Morning Smoothie

Smoothies don’t have to be boring and predictable. If you find yourself juggling a career, housework, family life, friendships, and virtual classes and meetings all while trying to maintain a well-balanced diet, then this list of wholesome smoothie ingredients should come in handy. Smoothies are my go-to when I need something quick, nutritious, and filling to kickstart my day and hold me over until I have time for a proper meal. Having the right mix of ingredients at your disposal will help put an extra pep in your step and get you through your day, or at least through a few virtual Zoom meetings. 

To our salud,


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Grandma Lola’s Tacos Dorados with Ground Beef

Nothing calls to mind the memory of my late Grandma Lola like her famous tacos dorados prepared with ground beef. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes and yes – shredded cheddar cheese – anyone who was lucky enough to taste one of my grandma’s tacos would inevitably help themselves to at least six more. 

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Classic Sopa de Fideo Recipe + 5 Preparation Tips from the Pros

Now that the holiday season is over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, I’m back in the kitchen and excited to share a classic recipe that is long overdue here on my blog. It’s one that I don’t make often enough and easy as it may seem to prepare, it does require some technique to get it just right.

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