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All About Aguas Frescas: Recipes, Natural Sweeteners, Equipment, and Virtual Workshop Video

¡Hola! If you missed Friday’s virtual aguas frescas workshop, now you can watch the video and learn to make three delicious aguas frescas from the comfort of your own cocina.



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Lola’s Fancy Passion Fruit and Coconut Flan | Flan de Maracuyá y Coco

On Sunday, May 10, Mother’s Day will be celebrated simultaneously in Mexico and the U.S. This doesn’t happen often, and I actually prefer when it falls on separate days because then I get showered with twice the love (and gifts!). Many of us aren’t able to celebrate with our madrecita for a number of reasons, but this is what I’d make for my mom if she were within driving distance. The fresh passion fruit and edible flowers take this flan over the top and make it feel extra special, like my own mother and so many of the inspiring women in my life.  

Enjoy and stay safe out there,

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Passion Fruit Agua Fresca – Agua Fresca de Maracuyá

Recently, our days have been filled with sunshine and warm weather. A bit of California sunshine also made its way to Colorado when my friend from San Diego mailed me a box of maracuyás. This certainly brightened my spirits and inspired me to develop several recipes that I’ll be sharing with you in the coming weeks. I’m starting with a classic agua fresca that packs a tropical punch. 

Enjoy and stay cool,


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Safta’s Cinnamon Rugelach Recipe + 5 Fun Facts About the Jewish New Year

Today is the first day of fall and here at Lola’s Cocina, we are gearing up for Rosh Hashanah. To welcome autumn and the Jewish New Year, I’m celebrating with one of my favorite recipes and sharing some fun facts about Rosh Hashanah Read More…

Blood Orange Paloma Recipe + 5 Fun Facts About Tequila on National Tequila Day

¡Hola, hola! After spending a month in Mexico, I returned reenergized and inspired with new ideas and recipes just in time for National Tequila Day. To celebrate, I’m sharing five fun facts about tequila and a delicious recipe. Since I came home to a house full of familia, we’ll be sipping on this Blood Orange Paloma all day long. ¡Salud! Read More…