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Jack and the Bean Salad by What a Good Eater!

Amado making Jack and the Bean Salad

This week I participated in a virtual dinner party hosted by Amy Godiwalla and Alessandra Macaluso, authors of What a Good Eater! cookbook and blog. Twenty bloggers from throughout the country prepared fresh and delicious recipes from this family-friendly cookbook and shared them online with their readers. I made a flavorful (and super easy!) bean salad that our entire family enjoyed. Read More…

Turkey Tinga Tostadas

Turkey Tinga Tostada Recipe | Lola's Cocina |

Does anyone else suffer from FONEF (fear of not enough food)? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have leftovers for days after Thanksgiving. Well, here’s a spin on my classic chicken tinga recipe that will allow you to use up all of that leftover turkey.
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Going Green with Cactus Ceviche


These days, going green isn’t just about recycling. Taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of Mother Earth. That is why this week’s recipe features the nutritious nopal, or cactus paddle. Nopales may look intimidating due to their prickly exterior, but we all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Read More…

How to Make Chiles Rellenos


Chiles rellenos are a joy to eat but for some, their preparation can best be described as a labor of love. It is for this reason that time and patience are two special ingredients required to successfully make this recipe. In its simplest form, a Poblano chile pepper is stuffed with cheese and fried in a light egg batter. Read More…

{TRES DEL MES} 3 Savory Dishes with Flor de Jamaica

Spring is known as a time of regeneration and rebirth. Colorful springtime flowers and warm months ahead inspired today’s recipes, all of which are made with flor de jamaica. Popular in Mexican kitchens, edible hibiscus flowers are used to make a refreshing tea known as agua de jamaica.

Last week I shared a recipe for Hibiscus Limeade and it got me thinking about all of the ways I could repurpose the rehydrated hibiscus flowers that are left behind after steeping them for tea. In Mexico, I once tasted them in a salad, which added a sweet and tangy element similar to dry cranberries. Using one basic recipe to make an easy and flavorful filling, I created three different savory dishes using this lovely crimson flower. All of them are vegetarian, but promise to impress even the most uncompromising meat eater. I still can’t decide which is my favorite. The next time you find yourself with leftovers, look at it as an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen! Read More…