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Slow Cooker Frijoles Charros

I recently shared a recipe for my frijoles de la olla made in a slow cooker and was pleasantly surprised by how many people followed up letting me know that they made and loved them. This led me to believe that the 2021 Mexican food trends, which Cacique® uncovers by partnering with leading voices in the industry to predict What’s Next in Mexican Cuisine, are already in full effect and American kitchens have begun gravitating toward nostalgic homemade favorites, one-pot dishes, and the use of dry beans. Once again, I’ve partnered with Cacique® to share an easy recipe that embraces several of these trends to create a flavorful dish that requires minimal effort and is prepared in a slow cooker so that you can set it and forget it . . . until the aroma of freshly made beans envelopes the air. Read More…

Keeping Traditions Alive: How to Make Pozole Verde

Ten years ago while living in San Diego I decided to create a Day of the Dead altar to honor the memory of my father’s passing in a more formal way. Inspired by the lively celebrations in Old Town, I built my first ofrenda and invited some friends and family to join in on the festivities. They were tasked with bringing photos and mementos of their loved ones while I prepared one of my favorite Mexican dishes, pozole. Read More…

Turkey Tinga Tostadas

Turkey Tinga Tostada Recipe | Lola's Cocina |

Does anyone else suffer from FONEF (fear of not enough food)? If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably have leftovers for days after Thanksgiving. Well, here’s a spin on my classic chicken tinga recipe that will allow you to use up all of that leftover turkey.
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Green Chilaquiles | Chilaquiles Verdes


chilaquiles made by oscar carrizosa : chilaquiles verdes hecho por oscar carrizosa

Homemade chilaquiles, Photo credit: Lola’s Cocina

Chilaquiles [chee-la-key-less] have always been one of my favorite Mexican breakfast dishes. This particular recipe is one that I made alongside chef and restaurateur, Oscar Carrizosa, who teaches hands-on cooking classes at Casa Crespo in Oaxaca.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this area of Mexico, I highly recommend that you take one of the many cooking classes taught by Oaxaca’s local chefs and home cooks. You will most definitely be pleased with the variety of new dishes you bring home to share in your own kitchen. Until then, I hope that you enjoy this recipe that hails from over 2,000 miles away!    Read More…

Chicken Tinga

easy chicken tinga recipe

Chicken tinga is my go-to recipe when I have visitors because it is tasty and easy to make in large batches. Since I had a few friends over for New Year’s Eve, I wanted to test its simplicity on Mishelle, my friend who claims that the only thing she knows how to make is reservations!

receta tinga de pollo

Mishelle followed the recipe below and to our delight (and her surprise) it came out delicious.  With the leftovers, I reheated the chicken, then mixed in scrambled eggs and voilà – we had a tasty breakfast that went perfectly with warm flour tortillas. Read More…