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40 Lively Recipes to Celebrate Day of the Dead

Dia de los Muertos | Lola's Cocina

Día de los Muertos is a colorful celebration of life and like most Mexican holidays it includes a festive spread of food and drinks. To celebrate, I’ve put together a collection of recipes from a few of my favorite bloggers — some are time-honored and traditional while others are contemporary interpretations of classic recipes. Needless to say, there’s a little something for everyone to join in on the fun this Day of the Dead.
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Exciting News: Lola’s Mercadito is Open for Business + Giveaways

Lola's Mercadito | #lolasmercadito |

2016 has been quite a year for Lola’s Cocina. As my three-year blog anniversary approaches I’d like to share some exciting news. First and foremost, I’ve finally launched my line of specialty food products and online store! That’s right, Lola’s Mercadito is just a mouse click away.


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{TRES DEL MES} 3 Bilingual Books to Teach Children about Day of the Dead


I have been reading to Amado since he was in my womb. Now my husband and I take every opportunity to read with Amado and many of our books highlight each of our unique cultural backgrounds. Today I’d like to share a few of our favorite children’s books that introduce the beautiful traditions associated with Día de los Muertos, which is a holiday that I hold near and dear to my heart. Read More…

10 Creative Crafts for Day of the Dead

Creative Crafts for Day of the Dead | Lola's Cocina |

Celebrate life this Day of the Dead with crafts, cocktails, and some fun recipes. Día de los Muertos is my favorite holiday and since it’s quickly approaching I’ll be sharing ideas and recipes from a few of my favorite bloggers so that you can join in on the festivities. This week I’ve decided to kick off the fiesta with some creative crafts that will surely add life to your home this Day of the Dead. Stay tuned for exciting announcements and giveaways. Did I mention that Lola’s Cocina turns three this Day of the Dead? All the more reason to celebrate!
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Mexican Hot Chocolate, Oaxaca Style

mexican chocolate from oaxaca

On Day of the Dead, drinks such as Mexican hot chocolate are placed on altars in order to lure the spirits of loved ones back to the living world.

Mexican hot chocolate is unique in that the tablets used to make this frothy drink combine pure roasted cocoa, granulated sugar, cinnamon sticks, and sometimes almonds. The chocolate tablets are dissolved in hot water or milk, and then the mixture is made frothy with a molinillo (wooden whisk).

mexican hot chocolate: chocolate mexicano

In Oaxaca, I learned that this form of hot chocolate is only prepared with milk for occasions such as weddings and funerals, otherwise it is made with water, which is just as delicious. Some people also believe that if a young woman makes hot chocolate that is not frothy, this is indicative of her lack of kitchen skills. While a molinillo and olla de barro (clay pot) are the preferred kitchen utensils used to prepare hot chocolate, a regular wire whisk and a saucepan are fine substitutes. In fact, I know people who get a frothy consistency by mixing it in a blender on a high setting. Read More…