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Agua Fresca de Avena – Homemade Oat Milk with Dates, Vanilla, and Cinnamon

While oat milk is beginning to pick up steam in the American market, its counterpart, agua de avena has been enjoyed in Mexico for generations. There are many variations of this recipe, but I wanted to keep it dairy-free and free of processed sugars (although I’ve tasted it with evaporated and condensed milk and it’s delicious!). Here’s my version – it’s simple, tasty, and only took me about four tries to perfect.

Hope you enjoy it as I do!

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Crazy for Carrots: 3 Recipes to Use Your Vitamin-Rich Carrots

Living through a pandemic has encouraged many of us go get creative in the cocina. I oftentimes find myself trying figure out what to do with a lonesome bag of carrots sitting in my crisper. While it’s easy to opt for a more versatile veggie, there are plenty of ways to use your low-calorie, high fiber, vitamin A-rich carrots. Obviously, you could juice, roast, or eat them raw, but I think you’ll find zanahorias a little more interesting if you transform them into a fun elixir, dessert, or side dish.



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There’s a New Spirit in Town: Tequila Cazadores Añejo Cristalino

Today I’m excited to announce that the Cazadores familia is introducing a fifth variety to its line of award-winning tequilas. Tequila Cazadores Añejo Cristalino is a super smooth, clear añejo that maintains notes of aged wood, nuts, apples, and many other spices and flavors.

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Lemon Drop Margarita Recipe + 10 Fun Facts About Margaritas to Celebrate National Margarita Day

On February 22 we raise our glasses in celebration of National Margarita Day. When I think of tequila these days, I’m reminded of all the delicious margaritas I’ve tasted throughout the years. In crafting this cocktail recipe I was transported to the two places that inspire me most: my home state of California where citrus fruit grows in abundance this time of year, and Mexico, home of the lively spirit known as tequila. A perfect blend of two ingredients from each respective place and voila, I present to you my mouth-puckering Lemon Drop Margarita. As an added bonus, I’m also sharing 10 fun facts about margaritas to kick off the festivities.

¡Espero que les guste y salud!

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Simple Sangrita Recipe – ¡Viva México!

Mexican Independence Day at Lola’s Cocina always includes a delicious spread of food and drinks with colors that pay homage to the country’s flag: verde, blanco, y rojo. This year, we’re celebrating with the Bandera, which is served in three separate shot glasses, consisting of fresh lime juice (green), tequila (white), and sangrita (red). Read More…