I’m a #LatinaMentors Fund Finalist and Need Your Vote!

If you haven’t already heard the good news, I was selected as one of 10 Latina entrepreneurs eligible for the #LatinaMentors Fund small business grant. The final five grant recipients will be selected by popular vote and I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if you cast your vote for me. You can vote every day through Monday.

Receiving the #LatinaMentors Fund would allow me to:

1. Launch and market a line of educational products focused on Mexican food and culture for bilingual children.

2. Begin the journey toward publishing my first cookbook.

3. Replenish and expand my inventory of gourmet products for the holiday season – I already have a new spicier spin on my popular Salsa Negra in mind!

Muchas gracias,


P.S. Grant recipients will be announced on September 10, 2020.

Lola’s Mercadito product photo 1 by Jenna Sparks and photo 2 by Jenny Marvin


Categories: Updates from Lola's Cocina

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